I'd always said no to directing. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I've always been very particular about what I'm trying to achieve with photography. I'd assumed that the many greater variables that come with directing would be too stressful - too many things that I couldn't control. So I'd always said no.

But Covid-19 changed that. Being unable to do something and choosing not to do something are very different. I was very fortunate to be asked if I wanted to direct a drama series - Itopia - and I found myself saying yes. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.

And after the first day of filming I realised that directing is not about being in control; it's about being as absolutely prepared as possible and then relinquishing control, giving everyone the space and freedom to be creative, tweaking things here and there if neccessary.

I love directing. I'm able to draw on and combine my decades-long experiences as both an actor and photographer in a new medium. And there's nothing better than the collaborative energy that exists on set; with a great team of people anything is achievable :-)

Directing credits to date:


Pobol y Cwm Series 50, episodes 115-120 - BBC Studios - S4C

Bex Series 2 - Ceidiog - S4C

Pobol y Cwm Series 50, episodes 13-18 - BBC Studios - S4C


Itopia Series 2 - Boom Cymru - S4C

Pobol y Cwm Series 49, episodes 68-77 - BBC Studios - S4C

Pobol y Cwm Series 49, episodes 45-48 - BBC Studios - S4C

Pobol y Cwm Series 49, episodes 17-22 - BBC Studios - S4C


Itopia Series 1 - Boom Cymru - S4C