What is a headshot?

In simple terms a headshot is an accurate representation of you. When someone looks at your headshot they should be able to tell that it's you. But a good headshot is so much more than this, otherwise you could go to a passport booth or just take a selfie. Your headshot needs to not only look like you, it needs to also make you look professional whilst creating a feeling of warmth and engagement.

A Fine balance

From my experience the best headshots have an equal balance of authority and approachability.

Authority represents your expertise in your particular industry (when someone looks at your headshot they should get a feeling that you are knowledgeable and credible).

Approachability represents the trust that clients and peers want to feel when they look at your headshot (they essentially want to feel that they'd like to do business with you).

There are no shortcuts to achieving this delicate balance. It takes time and guidance.

As a photographer I can't expect to point my camera at you and get the best out of you straight away. It takes time for you to get used to the shoot and to relax - authentic headshots are only created once you are comfortable enough to open up and be yourself.

I pride myself on my ability to help people to relax in front of the camera and proving to those who hate being photographed that everybody can look good in their photos.

I work with individuals and businesses in the Cardiff and South Wales area, and more information on my Individual Headshot Sessions and my Team Headshot Sessions can be found by clicking on the corresponding images below.


Bethan Ellis Owen

“Geraint was amazing every step of the way. He directed me through different looks which made it so much easier, and his enthusiasm and passion gave me confidence and made the whole experience so enjoyable.

I am so happy with the photos and he was also very helpful in the selection process.”

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