One of the (if not the) best things about being a headshot photographer is meeting so many interesting and lovely people. I had the pleasure of welcoming the team at ntitle Ltd to the studio to photograph their new headshots.

We decided on a light grey background for the headshots as this would fit in nicely with ntitle Ltd's branding and overall feel of their website. A darker grey felt a little bit too heavy, so I lit the backdrop with a slight gradient from the bottom. This resulted in a lighter background at the bottom of the frame, with a slow gradation to a darker grey towards the top. The team's headshots still had the gravitas of grey but with a more three dimensional feel.

It was wonderful to get to know everyone and photographing them was so enjoyable! I'm really happy with the headshots that we created and the testimonial that I received from them yesterday made my day 😊

"Geraint made us all at ntitle feel completely at ease during the session and the results are AMAZING. The service Geraint offers is professional, friendly and quick. Geraint has guided us through the experience perfectly and we would definitely recommend to others."

ntitle Ltd