I work with small to medium businesses to create headshots that reflect your business' team ethos whilst bringing out each member's unique personality.

3 steps for great team headshots

1 Get in touch

We'll discuss what your business needs in terms of style and look, so that your team's new headshots are purpose-led and representative of your brand and each team member's role and personality.

I can advise you on which backgrounds will work best for your business, as well as the overall look and 'feel' of your team's headshots.

And we'll arrange a date and time for your session.

2 Headshot time!

Team sessions are normally best if they take place at your business' workplace. This tends to be more convenient for your team members than having them come to the studio individually.

I bring all of my equipment with me and take around 15 minutes setting everything up, recreating a studio environment at your workplace. I then photograph your team members one by one, working with each one individually so that I get the best out of them.

3 Choose your team's headshots!

After your session I'll work on your photos and an online password-protected portfolio will be prepared for you and your team to view within 2 days.

Once you choose which headshots you like best I'll edit them in greater detail to make sure that everyone looks their best, and they'll be ready for you within another 2 days.

1 headshot of each team member is normally included in a Team Headshot Session.


AR Drainage Solutions Ltd

“We hired Geraint to come to the office and photograph all our staff, plant and equipment. The service was fantastic, the lads loved the session and the way Geraint made them feel comfortable.

Thank you Geraint we would definitely not hesitate to recommend you to any of our clients, friends or family.”

Get in touch today if you'd like more information or if you'd like to book your Team Headshot Session.